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Many cccam servers providers give 2 or 3 days free test clines  to test their server and after sign up for their service if you like it.
With these cccam server lines you can watch without any freezing or glitching.  After making your request, Check your Email You will found a message from the cccam test cline provider contain Your free test CCcam.

You can get a cline like this:

C: 25000 tazoq7
port: 25000
user: tazoq7

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Benefits of Cardsharing

Watching Television is the most common way of spending leisure time for people across the world.Especially with the satellite television, people have access to many TV channels. However, we often come across pay subscription TV channels including some most entertaining channels which are locked by the service providers. A better subscription plan with these pay TV channels might not be an affordable option for many people. However, with technological advancement, cheaper way for subscribing for such pay TV channels has been developed through sharing the subscription card by multiple users and thus, dividing the cost of subscription. This technique is called Cardsharing.

Card sharing is a technology through which multiple receivers can get simultaneous access to a pay television network, using one authorized subscription card. Cardsharing is especially of great use for families who have more than one TV sets at home.This enables family members who often differ in the channel interests to watch their favorite channels in High-Definition (HD). For example, for a sports fan ESPN Sports will be a must have channel. Cardsharing facilitates every family member to watch channels of their interest and thus make optimum utilization of the satellite TV subscription covering the interest areas of the complete family.

The prerequisite things to be in place for using the Cardsharing service are connection of service provider , a satellite receiver such as Dreambox for running the software like Cccam for decoding  and sharing the pay TV networks and an internet connection.The device with the card is known as the satellite Cardsharing server or host and the other users who can also access the card through an internet or local network are known as Cardsharing clients.

The highlighting feature of Cardsharing technology is that it delivers fast, problem-free and consistent satellite TV network providing the users with an optimal viewing experience. It enables the users to have an extensive selection of satellite TV channels within their budget. Through Cardsharing people can watch many more channels from across the world without subscribing through your satellite provider.

The satellite receiver and the protocol software for it are easily available in various shops. Users can also purchase it online through authorized websites. It is also important to test the software before buying it. The directions for installing the hardware, running the software or any Cardsharing related information are easily accessible on the web.

Cardsharing Server was first developed in Europe, the use of which gradually spread across the world. However, Cardsharing is not legal in all the countries due to the chance of being misused by some people who make business out of it attaching multiple legitimate subscription cards to their server and connecting it to various users for a small subscription fee. Hence, though Cardsharing is aboon to the subscribers, it is a bane for the service providers who suffer loss due to this technology.

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Television industry has witnessed wide range of innovations over the past years. Satellite TV being one such innovation that revolutionized the television watching experience for the viewers by introducing a variety of channels with high picture quality to them. Though satellite TV opened up vast options for entertainment, the service providers still had some limitation in broadcasting some foreign pay channels. This limitation for the viewers can be due to national restrictions as some countries restrict the broadcast of foreign channels in their country.  The limitation can also be due to package restrictions as some channel companies buy the rights of programs and charge a fee from the subscribers for broadcasting the same. The answer for TV lovers to the overcome this restriction is Cardsharing.

Cardsharing is a technique through which multiple independent users can have simultaneous access to the pay channels with a single authorized subscription card. A cardsharing server like Dreamboxwith CCcam software installed can enable the decryption of the blocked channels and sharing of the same to the other cardsharing clients. However, to receive any channel it is essential that the satellite service provider has access to those channels. Thus, cardsharing bring together the subscribers with similar interests and subscribes them as one identity using cccam server. The cardsharing clients can, thus, receive more channels at cheaper rates by dividing the subscription cost.

The size of the satellite service provider’s dish is an import factor to be considered while cardsharing. The size of dish determines the number of channels that can be received. The installation for cardsharing devices is not very difficult and the directors for installation are easily accessible on web. The software for the receiver can be downloaded with the remote control itself. Cardsharing has therefore become extremely popular across the world due to is cost effectiveness and easy installation processes.

Through cardsharing facility, people are able to view channels broadcasted anywhere in the world. This has not only benefited the subscribers but also has boosted the channel business which is recording growth in viewership for their cannel shows. Sports channels are reaping the optimum benefits through this facility.

Social business is other best impacted business sector through cardsharing. For hotels and social places entertainment is one of the key factors boosting their growth in business. With cardsharing facility, they can offer wider entertainment options for their customers and the cost effectiveness of the facility also decreases their investment cost for extra entertainment.

The illegal use of cardsharing resulting in ban of its usage in some countries creates a negative for this innovative technology. But the popularity of cardsharing continues to drive the business growth of the cardsharing device companies like Dreambox.