Dreambox with is its Linux-based satellite, terrestrial and cable TV receiver series has become the most popular cardsharing server across the world. The growth of the company continues to grow at a rapid pace with its innovations in technological solutions and vast experience in this field. Dreambox was originally developed by the German company Dreambox Multimedia for DBox2, a copyright design distributed by KirchMedia for their pay TV services. However, with Kirchmedia going bankrupt, the unsold products flooded in the market. Dreambox receiver, thus, has the design DBox2 with the feature of Ethernet port and the PowerPC processor.

Dreambox receivers are highly efficient in providing high quality sound and picture compared to its competitors, which is the key factor contributing to huge success of the company. The Dreambox servers facilitate multiple users watching the pay TV channels through a single subscription card. The usefulness of the technology, which was initiated and extensively used in Europe, has made it popular across the world. The innovation is a big relief for the people living in countries where broadcast of foreign channels are prohibited.

Dream Multimedia introduced the DM100 which is a non-Linux based Dreambox receiver to become the sole producer of such series. It also features the Ethernet port like the other series of the company. Thus, making Dreambox is a world renowned brand in the field of Cardsharing.

The cost Dreambox servers has become cheaper due to influx of too many suppliers offering it at highly competitive price. Loaded with great user friendly features and modern innovative technology, the cheaper price has acted as icing on the cake for customers. Out of three types of servers produced by Dream box namely cable, satellite and terrestrial, satellite servers are most widely used due to its multiple advantages. The servers have also been given different names based on their functionality such as DM 7000, DM 600 PVR etc.

The Cardsharing facility is an excellent option for people living in areas where foreign channels are restricted. All that they require to use this facility is an internet connection with a minimum speed of 500kbp, a standard satellite TV subscription, a Dreambox and CCcam. CCcam is the most extensively used software which helps in decrypting the locked Pay channels and communicating it with the network of computers using the Cardsharing.

Dreambox has great business strategies to attract new customers. For example, the company offers a cost free line test for a limited duration to the new users. This helps the new users to confirm the quality and sound and picture assured by the company is being delivered. The convenience, security and good performance has made Dreambox the most preferred server for millions of people across the world.


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