Cardsharing, also known as control word sharing technology, is a widely used method of sharing channel subscription. Cardsharing allows multiple users to simultaneously access the pay television networks using a single authorized subscription card. The device with the card is the satellite Cardsharing server or host and the other users who can also access the card through an internet or local network are the Cardsharing clients.

The primary reason for users not being able to access to the paid TV channels is because they are encrypted (locked) by the service providers. The standard satellite receivers are not designed to decrypt (unlock) such paid channels or support Cardsharing. The Linux based satellite receivers such as Dreambox not only have the capacity to decrypt the paid channel but also are designed to support Cardsharing.

This technology works with the help of Linux based satellite receivers which can provide digital satellite viewing through an internet connection. Some of the popular satellite receivers are Dreambox, Azbox, Technomate etc. These receivers have an Ethernet connection which connect multiple users and also have the ability to use special software to send and receive codes. The satellite receiver needs sharing protocol software, which helps in decoding the encrypted service providing conditional access. Some of the widely used software are Mgcamd, CCcam, Newcs, Newcamd, CCcam being the most popular one.

For the Cardsharing to work properly it is important for the network devices of the multiple users to have proper configuration. The multiple devices must have a common IP address for ascertaining the exact location of the devices and for proper communication between them. Thus, the Cardsharing server or host can know the exact location of the Cardsharing clients by its direct IP number.

The first step is to insert the authorized subscription card in the Cardsharing host or server which is connected to the internet. The next step is to download and install the CCcam software and run it in the host to configure it establish connection with the Cardsharing clients or receivers. The main function of the host is to transfer the decrypted channel codes to the Cardsharing receivers. Every 2-5 seconds the paid channel picture is encrypted by the satellite service provider which requires being decrypted. The CCcam software directs the communication between the provider and the Cardsharing host for decryption of codes. The Cardsharing receivers simultaneously communicate with the host for password which is delivered by the host to the receiver. The whole process of decrypting and sharing happens in fraction of seconds making the viewing pleasure uninterrupted.

Cardsharing technology is the most convenient way of saving money for subscription of paid TV channels. It divides the cost of subscription among the multiple users who are basically paying for sharing the subscription. However, the wrong side to this technology is that it has become widely used way of plagiarize decryption of paid channels which is not in favor of the service providers. The illegal users attach multiple legitimate cards to their server and charge a small subscription fee from the receivers. Hence, making Cardsharing an illegal affair.



Television as an medium of entertainment has become an integral part of our lives. There has been a lot of development, improvement and growth in the entertainment industry over the years. Television media sector was revolutionized with the Satellite TV concept which brought in an influx of channels for the viewers. The viewers now had a opportunity to opt for wider selection of channels in the field of news, music, sports etc. However, the subscribers still have a limitation in accessing some shows broadcast around the world due to national and package restrictions. Some countries have restrictions in broadcasting certain shows. Also there are some channel companies who buy the rights of programs and charge a fee from the subscribers for broadcasting the same. The key to the breakthrough these restrictions is Cardsharing.

Cardsharing is a technique through which multiple independent users can have simultaneous access to the pay channels with a single authorized subscription card. The locked pay channels can be decrypted or unlocked by the Cardsharing server which has CCcam software installed in it. The server not only decrypts the channel codes but also transfers them to the network of computers connected to it. The only condition is that the satellite service provider must have access to the channels for Cardsharing method to work out. Hence, Cardsharing  helps to bring together the subscribers with similar interests and subscribes them as one identity. This also helped the Cardsharing subscribers to share the cost of subscription thus receiving more services at cheaper rates.

An important factor to be factored for Cardsharing is the size of the satellite service providers dish. The dish size would determine the number of channels that can be received. The installation of the Cardsharing server are also very simple and easily accessible on the web. The CCcam software which is to be installed in the server can be downloaded with the remote control itself. ffp software is also installed to enable username, password and controls for the configuration file. The easy installation and cost effectiveness has made Cardsharing technology extremely popular across the world.

Apart from the benefits to the subscribers, the technology has also acted as a boon to the channel businesses. Through Cardsharing, many channels have witnessed growth in the viewership especially in the sports channel business. Today people across the globe are able to follow the sporting events happening anywhere in the world.

Another business sector that has reaped benefits of Cardsharing are the social businesses. Entertainment also acts as an boosting factor for business like hotels and social places who are able to provide their customers larger collection of entertainment channels.  The access to the multiple channel network at an affordable rate also reduces the operating cost of these businesses.

The benefits of Cardsharing are many but it has its own downside too. Cardsharing has been banned in some countries due to usage of this technology for illegal purposes. However, the Cardsharing device developing companies like Dreambox continue to flourish due to its  popularity in many other countries across he world.